Illustration Birthday Card

Illustration Signature


Presentation Cards


Featuring teeth dancing around a birthday cake, this card is perfect for sending to your patients on their birthday. It is both a nice birthday card and a dental gift card combined into one. The presentation card has a referral card that is designed to go with it although most designs that use either blue, pink or red will work.


This card is part of the illustration signature. Although other cards can be used on the presentation card, none will work near as well as the referral card designed for it.


  • 5-color, 2-sided print
  • Soft-touch coating on both sides
  • Foiled artwork & lettering
  • Embossed lettering & artwork
  • Coordinated referral card design
  • Vellum insert, printed 5 color with dentist logo & name

VIVA News Reel
  • New Client uses the Viva program to double the number of new patients
  • Viva Cards now being used in the beauty industry to increase sales
  • The Viva E-Courses set new standard in patient acquistion learning

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