Rarified Treasure

Stand out from the competition with Viva Gift Coins.

Completely unique, Viva Gift Coins are a treasure to give, a pleasure to receive.


Viva Referral Card and Viva Gift Coin give you the best of both worlds.

Viva Referral Card

Clear plastic card, customized with your logo, your info and your offer. The magnetic strip on the back allows you to track results to your program.


Packaging for your Viva Referral Cards and Gift Coins, VivaPaks feature velvety soft-touch coating, foil and embossing.

Viva Gift Coin

Gold-toned "challenge coins" customized to your practice with an introductory offer and with the look and feel of currency. A completely one-of-a-kind new patient reward.

VIVA News Reel
  • New Client uses the Viva program to double the number of new patients
  • Viva Cards now being used in the beauty industry to increase sales
  • The Viva E-Courses set new standard in patient acquistion learning

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